Why is Bellavani so effective?

Bellavani contains powerful ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles, minimize the appearance of lines, diminish age spots, firm and even skin tone, and smooth, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin.  Bellavani also contains powerful anti-inflammatories, an advanced moisturizer, and millions of micro-particles designed to hide wrinkles.  It also contains a powerful and effective delivery agent that ensures that each of these ingredients are delivered appropriately, absorbed and utilized by your skin cells to give you the signature radiant youthful look and feel of Bellavani. 

Groundbreaking scientific studies have demonstrated the highly effective anti-aging effects of the active independent isolates contained in Bellavani Advance Anti-Aging Formula.  An independent scientific study of the primary ingredients in Bellavani demonstrated visible reduction in the apprearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 27% after just 30 days.  Take a look at the impressive features of Bellavani Advanced Anti-Aging Formula: Anti - Wrinkle Peptide - Considered by experts to be the best needle-free alternative to invasive anti-wrinkle injection treatments. Age Spot Reducer - Reduces the appearance of dark or discolored skin caused by sun exposure. Micro-lifter & Firmer - Provides elastin repair to give the appearance of tighter, firmer skin. Powerful Antioxidants - Combats free radical damage and reduces oxidative stress. Extreme Moisturizers - Deep penetrating moisturizers, specially formulated to feel light and non-greasy, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Large Pore Reducer - Reduces the appearance of pores. Paraben-Free Formula - Gentle yet effective preservatives without the use of harmful parabens. 



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